Winter Crops

Found material from the installation room, 1000 pounds of powdered limestone, 300 pounds of coal, wood shavings, glass vases, dyed water from the CONAGRA 'Heartland of America Fountain,' various raw clays. 2017.

Installed at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, NE.

Winter Crops is a reverie on materials, and the relationships in which they participate. Connections may be seen between mined limestone and hand-dug clay, clay and water, CONAGRA water and crops, the shape of a vase and the shape of a body, a body and a need for crops, crops and a harvest of debris, harvest time and cold weather, cold weather and snow, snow and white powder, white powder and limestone, snow and heat, heat and wood, wood and organic matter and coal, heat and clay, clay and dust...


The debris collected from the installation room includes the following:

Electrical Wire

Broken Brick

Hair Pins


Plaster Fragments

Wads of Tape


Brad Nails

A White Plastic Hanger, Painted White

Wooden Splinters

A Green Post-it Note with Blue Pen Writing

A Leaf from a Plastic Plant

A Pink Post-it note with No Writing

A Bat Skull

A Penny with the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln

Real Leaves

A Green Wire Bent into the Shape of a Flower

A Screw