Artist Statement


My work makes connections between ecology and body. Ecology is the

study of the nearly infinite web of relationships that make up nature.

Understanding the value of this web requires empathy for the other members of

the networks that we humans are inextricably tangled in. My work provides

opportunity for empathy with the elements and forces we swim through: earth,

gravity, light, water, air, fire. I hope to draw attention to our role within complex

ecology so that we may see our situation more clearly.


Our bodies are the tools with which we sense and act in these networks. I

use my body as an instrument to measure myself within the world. In the work,

material, friction and gravity are all addressed kinesthetically. It is not enough for

me to know that gravity is powerful theoretically; I must subject my body to the

force to demonstrate its power, to live out my relationship with the transcendent

forces of nature. The actions I undertake to explore this relationship are

recorded in wet clay, objects and photographs. Through empathy, they reach

for the collective experience of body. It is a plight that is intuitively understood;

the pain and embarrassment of falling, the romanticism of engaging one’s body

to feel alive in the world. The work connects with the power and fragility of living