Drawing Into Dust II and III

Drawing to Dust II (video) and Drawing to Dust III, installation view, 2016.

Drawing to Dust 3 is a drawing in clay dust on the floor, a few inches deep and roughly ten feet in length and width. On a nearby wall, a video projection of Drawing to Dust 2 shows a figure dragging a head-sized piece of raw clay across a large sheet of sandpaper on the floor. In the gallery, Drawing to Dust exists in two forms (as artifact and as a video projection) and in two iterations. Drawing to Dust 3 is a recreation and continuation of the labor begun in Drawing to Dust 2. Some of the actions seen in the projection can be read in the lower layers of dust on the sandpaper, but many have been covered and erased by new marks. Showing both records calls into question the contents of each piece. What is preserved and what is destroyed?

Drawing to Dust 2 on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/162229182