Anthrokinegraph 1

Wall, charcoal, body, clothing. 2016.

Anthrokinegraph is a word I invented to name a mark left by a human corporeal action. From such a mark one hypothetically could imagine the movement of the body that caused it, like a tracker following footprints. In order to create an Anthrokinegraph, one must relinquish direct control and defer to the natural motions of the body. This strategy allows the mark making to reveal the inherent beauty of animal mechanics.

In order to leave a visible mark, I coated myself with charcoal in the areas which could come in contact with the wall. This was not a transformation or disguise as much as it was a taking-stock of my body as it is, touching, smudging the joints and folds of clothing. The Anthrokinegraph began by recording the marks on myself. The physical challenge allows the mark making to be primarily experiential, a visceral engagement with material, architecture, friction and gravity.